getting ready for winterAs summer sunshine gives way to fall temperatures, it is time for property owners to think about seasonal maintenance issues. Treating your home or workspace for potential threats can help maintain your structural integrity all year long. Extending the lifespan of your construction materials sounds like a tall order, but all it takes is a professional service routine. Keeping your property running smoothly, whether it is a home or commercial space, requires multiple steps for well-rounded results. In areas such as roofs, it is important to service surfaces, gutters and growth for a well-rounded result. The good news for property owners across Canada, is that the Gorillas in your area are able to cover every aspect of your roof with our roof clearing and moss removal service, and our gutter cleaning.

The Importance of Professional Roof Maintenance

Gutters are an often overlooked household chore. These fixtures are tough to reach, and difficult to clear out completely without the right tools for the job. When you seek out professional help, our Gorillas arrive on the scene, equipped with all the right tools to clear gutters completely, at every level. Climbing up to reach gutters on your own can put pressure on sensitive areas and lead to bent or broken fixtures. Years of experience means that our Gorillas know how to treat your property right without the threat of damage. Once our maintenance experts are eye-to-eye with your clogged system, vacuums are used to clear drains completely. By clearing away clogs, Gorillas keep water moving, limiting the amount of water damage caused blocked systems.

Combining Gutter Cleaning With Roof Clearing & Moss Removal

Combining gutter cleaning with roof clearing and moss removal sets your property up for success all year round. Spring and Fall months see a lot of debris being dislodged from surrounding plant life and deposited onto roofs. Leaving this debris to sit leads to retained moisture, weakened materials and moss growth. Clearing away debris from your gutters and the surfaces of your roof protects materials from being softened, preventing water damage and costly repairs. Ditch debris with a little help from our Gorillas!