With cold temperatures settling in, there is no denying that winter is right around the corner. While you are busy digging out warm clothes and shovels, your home is crying out for help. Through Spring, Summer and Fall, your gutters are collecting gunk, leaves and organic debris. Failing to clean these out before snow begins to fall means added weight to your system, as well as impassable pipes that trap and hold water. Luckily, our expertly trained Gorillas can help prevent disaster and create a smooth-running system before the first snowfall. 

What Happens If I Don’t Clean My Gutters? 

There is never a good time to have clogged gutters or drains but winter is one of the worst. Winter does not come in one wave but ebbs and flows over the course of weeks and months. A day might start out being frigid, only to warm up during the afternoon and that means melting. If snow melts into a gutter that does not drain, this water just sits. 

Sitting water adds unnecessary weight to your system that can eventually pull drains away from fixtures, causing damage to your walls. Damp, covered areas also create an ideal place for pests to set up shop. As water sits, it is also prone to backing up. This means softening to vulnerable areas such as roof decking. This can mean expensive repairs and costly replacements. 

As bad as this might sound during winter, it is even worse during Spring. Instead of waiting for the worst-case scenario, implement routine maintenance practices that care for your property on a regular basis. 

The Benefits of Regular Care 

By caring for your gutter system at least twice annually, you are setting your property up for success. Our Gorillas arrive on scene with all of the proper safety features and equipment for great results, done safely. 

Lower Risk of Water Damage: Prevent unnecessary leaks and water damage due to backed up drains. 

Prevent Pest Infestations: Don’t let rodents or insects get comfortable in an enclosed space. 

Limited Unwanted Growth: Excessive moisture can lead to algae and moss growth, which damage roofing and other construction materials. Keep your home or commercial property looking its best with regular care. 

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