It doesn’t take much for a home to look run down. A bit of roof damage, moss growth and clouded windows can create all the appeal of a haunted house while graffiti invites more street artists and vandalism. With a hectic work schedule and personal life, not many property owners have the time, patience or ability to keep up with it all. Even a bit of neglect can mean big issues down the road, so opt for professional service instead. Regularly scheduled maintenance can help with visuals but it can also save you money and protect your property from unnecessary wear.

Protect Your Investment From The Ground Up

Homes and commercial properties are up against a lot and no one knows that better than Canadians. We have harsh winters, hot summers and more wildlife that can be dealt with. Each of these takes its own toll on residential and commercial spaces. To keep structures standing tall and operations running smoothly, it is important to consider taking care of properties from the sidewalk, all the way to the shingles.

Gutters & Roofing: These tough to reach areas are easy to ignore but they are an extremely important part of any property. Clogged gutters invite weakened materials, water damage, leaks, flooding and even insect infestation. Cluttered roofs look horrible and make way for moss. Invasive growth can soften important construction materials and destroy shingles, meaning expensive – and often avoidable – repairs.

Exterior Surfaces: A bit of moss here or algae there might not seem like the end of the world but this is more than just basic staining. Don’t let heavy materials like concrete fool you, they are still vulnerable. Moisture can sink into pores, degrading concrete, stucco and wood while amateur removal can cause even more damage.

Windows & Walls: Stained or streaked windows can have a negative impact on lighting, energy bills, and visual appeal. It is important not to doubt the appeal of curb appeal, especially when it comes to graffiti. Along with bad visuals, both of these issues mean damage over time. Spray paint bakes deeper into the façades of structures over time, while windows become weakened and more vulnerable to breakage.

Choosing Gorilla for your regular maintenance needs prevents the threat of major damage by both keeping an eye on the conditions of materials and wiping away unwanted build-up. Our local experts know what your property needs and knows how to get it there safely and efficiently.