Summer months mean warmer weather and longer days. This also means that there is plenty more opportunities for graffiti artists to leave their mark on homes and businesses across Canada. Depending on your location, you might be dealing with the odd tag every few years or so, but for most, spray paint is a repeat performance. The experts at Gorilla Property Services care about their communities and that is why they have a system for getting properties clean and free of ugly or offensive vandalism.

The Gorilla Difference

There are plenty of theories as to the best way to tackle stubborn paint stains but these can often be more harm than good. Instant results might make DIY seem like a good idea but proper graffiti removal is both a sprint and a marathon.

Careful & Conscious Removal: Harsh or heavy handed treatment methods can leave just as ugly a mark as graffiti itself. When providing proper care for paint removal, it is important to address the stain, the material underneath it and the surrounding areas as well. Sometimes the only way to get rid of paint is with a bit of force, like a pressure washer. Aiming one of these at aged, delicate or weakened surfaces can cause breakage, crumbling or even cuts and bruises (if you aim it at a person, of course). Gorillas inspect every aspect of a property before firing up a motor. While our cleansing and disinfecting agents are eco-friendly, it is still important to protect water inlets. FLOGUARD technology prevents run off from entering water systems and eliminates the risk of contamination.

Prevention Methods: There is no way to stop street artists from choosing your space as a blank canvas. It is unfortunate but it is the truth. Instead of waiting for another paint job, our Gorillas are proactive. After every completed removal, experts treat surfaces with an anti-graffiti topcoat. This application makes future removals much easier, cutting down on time and costs for owners without sacrificing results.

Don’t get stuck with paint bleeding or shadowing when a Gorilla offers complete removal at a competitive rate.