Prepare for snow before it arrives. The amount of snow each province in Canada gets each winter fluctuates, but it’s typically safe to expect a consistent amount throughout the winter months.

What to consider when choosing a snow removal & salting service:

Start early. It’s never too soon to start looking for a snow removal contractor. The weather conditions can change in the blink of an eye. If you wait until there’s snow in the forecast, you might find that all snow removal services around you are already fully booked. Also keep in mind when there’s a winter storm snow plowing companies give priority to clearing primary routes to make them passable such as emergency routes, bus routes, police stations, and roads to hospitals. It might take 24 to 36 hours after the snowfall stops before snow crews can start removing snow on residential streets.  

Ask about the company and their experience. Based on the size of the property snow removal and salting services can take from an hour to a half day to complete the work. Workers who are experienced in snow removal and salting can complete the job in half the time. Experience in properly using equipment such as plows, shovels, and salt spreaders makes a big difference.  

Understand pricing. Most snow removal services price according to driveway length, or area sqft,  and how challenging it is to remove snow from that space. Some companies may charge per visit or per hour versus other companies may have one set price for the season – no matter how often they clean snow at your property. Others will base prices on snowfall totals, charging one fee up to a certain snow depth and adding extra fees for each inch of snow over. The charge for treating ice and sidewalks may or may not be included. Make sure to clarify payment options.

Explore liability. Make sure the company carries liability insurance in case there’s any damage to your property. Snowplowing liability insurance is expensive and many part-time businesses can not afford it.

Gorilla snow removal and salting services

Each member of the Gorilla team is fully insured. Gorilla Property Services holds a $5 Million CGL policy. No matter how big or how small the job, our Gorillas are covered! This means peace of mind for our clients and for our crews. Our program typically runs from November until March. On the same day, the service is provided “before & after” pictures are sent to the property owners/managers. Our fully trained and licensed Gorilla technicians show up the night prior to predicted frost or snow to salt walkways, landings, parkade entrances, and any other exposed section that may put you or the public at risk.

Depending on your region and the size of your property, our team of experts is able to provide a long list of accessible tools and techniques to keep your home or commercial space running smoothly during the winter season. 

A proper way of salting

Slippery situations created by winter weather cause a significant number of falls for pedestrians. Whether you are working with a residential or commercial property, a slip and fall on ice can mean a lot of liability. That’s why proper salting technique is important. Instead of just throwing down a fistful of road salt, Gorilla crews take a more in-depth approach to the salting process. For example, identifying sharp angles that might be prime for water collection will be treated according to the possibility of pooling. 

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If you’re looking for a snow removal and de-icing contractor in Canada, you’ll no doubt want a company that is reputable, reliable, and gets the job done to the safest and highest standards every time. Whether you’re looking for a commercial contractor who can assist in snow removal and salting the streets and sidewalks, parking lots or bus stops, or you require specialists who can attend your home to clear driveways, Gorilla Property Services is here for you. Don’t wait before the snow starts flying get your free quote today. 

Gorilla snow removal and salting services are not available at all locations. Call today to find out if winter maintenance and salt management services are available in your area!