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The Timmins area has been discussing the set backs and merits of graffiti for years. While some property owners embrace the designs that street artists leave behind, others can’t stand the stains left behind. If you are part of the ladder group, our Gorillas can help you clear away that paint with our Timmins graffiti removal. Whether it is a stain the size of a quarter or a full-size mural, our Gorillas can help you get rid of it.

Dealing With Street Artists

The issue of graffiti around your residential or commercial space is just how incognito these graffiti vandals are. You might be tucked in and ready for bed while your property is being spray painted right underneath your nose. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent street artists from tagging your space, but there are ways to deter them!

Tags, small and large can appear over night and although these signatures might start out small but they do not stay that way. Graffiti artists are very competitive, so leaving one tag sitting on the exterior of your space can attract more in no time at all. One of the best ways to prevent one mark from spreading is to ditch it as soon as possible. It is a good thing that our Gorillas strive for same day removal when possible. In addition to getting rid of paint, our Gorillas apply a Gorilla Anti-Grafftit Coating. This coating goes on clear, but creates a barrier that makes any future paint easy to remove. Our Timmins graffiti removal does not just cover graffiti today, but plans ahead as well.

Timmins Graffiti Removal: Getting Rid Of Paint

Our Timmins graffiti removal sets itself apart from other services around your community by treating paint stains at every level. Aerosol paints leave concentrated stains but they also leave behind overspray and bleeding. In order to reach a proper result, our Gorillas remove surface stains and then begin to work on any shadowing left behind.

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