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Winter maintenance might be a daily necessity, but the ins and outs are still a grey area for owners and managers alike. More often than not, a snowfall is treated with no more than a shovel and a bit of elbow grease. These traditional methods might work at a superficial level but for consistent snow and ice removal around your property, you will need to call in the professionals. Our Timmins snow clearing and salting can be applied to both residential, commercial and multi-unit properties, so there is nothing holding you back from owning a safe and approachable property.

Why Go Pro For Your Winter Maintenance Needs

While the winter season sees most residents ducking for cover, property owners don’t have much of a choice but to face frigid temperatures head-on. Each passing day brings new challenges to storefronts and homes in the Timmins area, and missing even one day of outdoor maintenance can “snowball” into serious inconvenience. This creates both a time consuming and physically demanding chore. Depending on the type of property you are dealing with, managing driveways and walkways can be next to impossible without the proper tools and technique. Instead of struggling to achieve a safe and passable area, call a Gorilla to keep tenants and visitors on their feet. Professional snow removal can handle snowfall according to the needs of your property and can operate on a regular basis or provide on-call removals as well.

The Ins & Outs of Timmins Snow Removal & Salting

When you enlist a professional service for your Timmins snow clearing and salting services, your property is no longer at the mercy of Jack Frost. Clearing away snow is more than a nicety for communities, but is necessary to keep properties running smoothly. Instead of wading through knee-high snow, let our Gorillas help you keep ahead of the curve. By monitoring incoming weather patterns, shovels, ploughs and blowers are at the ready before you even know that you need them! In addition to keeping track of snowfall, our Gorillas can keep track of shifting temperatures. Warmer weather means melting, while a drop in the mercury signals incoming ice. Understanding what your property is up against, allows our property maintenance specialists to prepare a treatment system that works for you. Evening snow removal requires quiet services, while larger units call for a more drastic touch. Utilizing top of the line tools, geared toward complete and efficient removal helps our Gorilla deliver consistent results to properties in the Timmins area.

Salt might be commonly found in the kitchen, but its uses extend far outside your front door. With temperatures constantly swinging below and above zero, ice is a major issue for property owners. Every year, Timmins residents are forced to spend their afternoons in from of an x-ray machine after a slip and fall caused by icy walkways. Don’t let this be the case for your visitors or customers. Our Gorillas know how to provide proper de-icing for outdoor spaces through proper training techniques and experience. With competitive rates and a dedication to their craft, no one gets better results than our Gorillas for your Timmins snow clearing and salting.

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