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Canadians aren’t afraid of a little hard work but without the help of qualified professionals, roof maintenance can be a full-time job all on its own. When it comes to the higher levels of properties, it is easy to procrastinate or ignore regular maintenance. With each day that passes by, more and more items are collecting – or growing! – along rooftops. Making a proper Calgary roof cleaning and moss removal part of your maintenance routine sounds complicated but it doesn’t have to be! When you enlist our Gorillas for help, keeping your roof clear of clutter and growth is a breeze!

Diagnosing Debris

Little by little, your roof is collecting debris, all day every day. A cluttered roof not only looks awful, but it can be dangerous to your structure. The most common types of debris are organic but flat surfaces can’t fight off baseballs, frisbees or plastic bags when they come floating by. No matter what lands on your roof, our Gorillas can get it off. A simple clearing away can do a lot for the aesthetic of your property, but it can also do a lot for the structural integrity of your home or business. Moss and algae are bad news for any roof, but so are improper removal methods. Over time, moss thickens and grows, weaving under and around asphalt shingles and reaching decking.

There are plenty of property owners who learned the hard way that taking a wire brush to a patch of moss is not the right way to go! Harsh methods can strip away weakened materials and decking, leaving holes behind. Insects, rodents, and other pests sneak in through these areas, adding another issue to the mix. At the best of times, your roof can last decades before it needs an expensive replacement. Extend the life of your roof, through twice annual maintenance.

Let A Gorilla Swing Into Action

Gorillas use expert care, cleaning products and safety equipment. When it comes to clearing off a roof, just getting up there is half the battle. Instead of unsure footing in high places, our experienced technicians understand the more dangerous points of your removal service.  With the proper stand-offs in place, our specialists can get to work with complete focus.

Unlike other removal services, a Gorilla doesn’t just move debris from one area to another. Collected and removing roof clutter provides a better view of the conditions underneath. A clear picture means a clear assessment and the right treatment for your unique space. Our Gorillas are ready to swing into action and to give your roof a full facelift by careful and professional removal of the clutter along your roof as well as moss growth that poses a threat to your biggest ally – your roof!

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