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  • Reach up to 4 stories high from the ground
  • Water fed and/or by hand, using a squeegee
  • Frames and sills wiped clean
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On a clear day, residents in Calgary and surrounding areas wake up expecting to see sunshine, but might end up sorely disappointed! Dirty windows can restrict sunlight coming in, along with having a negative impact on household bills. If you are noticing that your mornings or days are not as bright as they could be, have a Gorilla solve your problem with a Calgary window cleaning service. Working with the right team can mean extending the lifespan of your glass, all while having a streak-free shine – what could beat that?!

Keeping Windows Clean

Both interior and exterior windows are facing off against similar threats. It is easy to give your glass too much credit, but a professional window washing service knows that your panes are more delicate than they let on. Glass is a porous material, meaning that foreign items and debris can seep down into surfaces, degrading windows from the inside and out. Even though your fixtures and their pieces might look solid, surfaces are weakened and are susceptible to easy breakage. Something as simple as a quick change in temperature can lead to spider cracks or an all out shatter.

Aside from physical damage to glass itself, weak windows can negatively impact your home or workplace in more subtle ways. Even though it may not be obvious, your windows are a contributing factor for your heating system, air conditioners, along with lighting and household bills. Clean surfaces allow more natural light and heat into indoor spaces, allowing residents to cut back on electricity and hydro. These household fixtures are also very expensive to replace.

There is no set life-span for your windows so by maintaining a routine of proper maintenance, you can get the most out of your glass!

The Gorilla Approach

Finding the right cleaning solution can be tough when you aren’t even able to reach windows! At the ground level, it is easy to spray basic glass cleaners and wipe up with paper towels, but this is not effective. Gorillas know how to neutralize static electricity through the use of tools such as rubber squeegees and eco-friendly window cleaners. Our professional window cleaning is available for both commercial and residential properties. For those buildings that are higher up, our Gorillas use water-fed poles to treat panes, frames and sills up to four storeys. In addition to providing Calgary residents with a clearer picture, our Gorillas can provide peace of mind by having a trained eye on the condition of your windows as a whole. Instead of climbing a ladder for a chance at a marginally clean window, trust in our local services for quality service every time!

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