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There is never a good time to be buried in snow. Whether it happens all at once or through several light dustings, snow accumulation is bad news for any property type. Homeowners might struggle to keep their sidewalks clear while property management companies juggle walkways, sidewalks and parking lots. Snow and ice removal is all a part of the job, but it is difficult to keep up with. If you are having difficulty juggling all of your daily demands, you can always rely on your friendly neighbourhood Gorillas for help. Scarborough snow removal and salting services can help improve any property, creating safe and passable environments for tenants, customers, friends and family.

What to Expect From Winter

Canadian winters are unpredictable, so the only thing that you can really expect is the unexpected. You might spend one day enjoying sunshine and skiing while the next has you in the middle of a full-blown snow storm. It is this type of shifting climate that makes snow clearing so difficult. The majority of snow falls during the late night or early morning hours. This puts even more strain on an already busy morning. Not everyone has the time or energy to dig their car out of a drift before work, but our Gorillas are always up for the challenge. More than just being a basic inconvenience, snow dumps can be hazardous to your health – and your bank account! In order to look out for its residents, the city of Scarborough has by-laws in place for how and how often snow should be removed from properties. Missing even a couple days might mean buried sidewalks and a hefty fine.

There are plenty of property owners who hire landscaping services during spring and summer months, in order to keep on top of their lawn care. When winter rolls around, upkeep tends to take a backseat. After all, who wants to spend hours stuck outside freezing their toes when they could be warm indoors? This is where a professional snow removal service become so important. In addition to being outfitted with all of the latest winter gear, our experts have the right tools to make sure your job is completed as quickly and effectively as possible. It is easy to focus on the need to remove snow but there is something even more sinister sitting just below the surface – ice! Managing ice is an important part of any property maintenance routine. Avoiding slips and falls is harder than it looks, but our Gorillas know just how to salt surfaces and help residents stay on their feet!

Our Gorillas: What You Should Know

One of the biggest advantages to choosing a Gorilla for your snow and ice removal needs is our dedication. Snow doesn’t stick to a 9-5 schedule and neither do we. By offering 24/7 emergency call-out services, our clients never have to worry about being buried. For those property owners who like to keep organized, regularly scheduled maintenance programs are also an option. With options for monthly, bi-weekly and even weekly services, you can rest easy knowing that your home or workspace is never forgotten.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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