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  • Reach up to 4 stories high from the ground
  • Water fed and/or by hand, using a squeegee
  • Frames and sills wiped clean
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A bit of sunshine can brighten up any room but dirty windows can put a damper on that. Throughout the year, both interior and exterior glass collects dust, dirt and other debris. Each of these leaves a mark behind, ruining views and degrading panes. Spots, streaks and bird droppings not only look terrible but they can end up causing unnecessary wear and tear. Professional Scarborough window cleaning helps to maintain sparkling surfaces, all while keeping glass in good condition.

What Dirty Windows Mean For You

Clouded or stained glass is an eyesore but dirty windows have a much bigger impact on your property than just looks. It is true that dirty glass can drag down curb appeal but they can also have a major impact on household utility bills and other expenses. It is difficult to think that something so fragile can have such an impact on homes and businesses throughout your area, but glass is more complex than meets the eye. Glass is a porous material, meaning that it is not completely solid but riddled with pores. Foreign material that sits on top of glass does not stay on surfaces for long, but seeps down into these pores. From here, panes degrade from the inside, out. Even if windows do not look dirty that doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t threats deeper down.

Curb appeal is important to both residential and commercial properties. When trying to sell a home, dirty windows can take away from the beauty of the house itself while streaks and stains can send potential customers packing. Whether you are dealing with a large or small space, it is important for property owners to keep operating costs down. Utility bills for climate control and lighting can shoot up during summer and winter months, but your glass can help! Making exterior window cleaning services a part of your regular care routine means taking control of your air conditioning, getting a handle on your heating and lower lighting bills year-round.

Why Opt For Professional Window Cleaning

Depending on the size of your property, maintenance programs can include everything from eavestrough cleaning to pressure washing but there is always time for window washing. Every year, property owners try to tackle this task alone, only to end up disappointed. Instead of basic window cleaners and amateur techniques, our team of experts have developed a system that combines expert practices with tools and eco-friendly cleaners. It is easy to skip over window treatments while cleaning house, exterior window cleaning in particular. Spraying down windows from inside seems simple enough but climbing a ladder to get at higher fixtures can be dangerous. This is why our Gorillas arrive on scene with top of the line stand-offs and safety equipment. Our local window cleaning company is dedicated to not only getting the best results possible, but to provide clients with excellent customer service and peace of mind.

At the ground level, windows are treated with rubber squeegees and environmentally friendly cleaners. Speciality tools pull dirt and buildup from every angle, all while eliminating static cling produced from friction. This leaves glass looking cleaner, longer. As for those panes that are higher up, water-fed poles are able to reach fixtures up to four storeys. This leaves windows sparkling, while also being able to clean frames and sills that would otherwise be ignored. This attention to detail is just one the advantages of hiring a Gorilla for your window cleaning in Scarborough.

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