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Hitting heights can be scary for many property owners. In fact, a fear of heights is one of the most common phobias out there. This makes it easy to put off regular roof cleaning, but you can’t avoid it forever. A cluttered roof not only looks terrible but it can mean disaster for your roofing materials – and your bank account. Regular Scarborough roof cleaning and moss removal can prevent the spread of invasive growth and keep your property looking its best. If you want the best possible results for your home or workspace but aren’t willing to climb a ladder to get them, just let our Gorillas swing into action.

Dodge Damage With Regular Roof Care

In Canada, roofing is made to be tough. After all, your roof has to go through wind, rain, hail and heavy snow falls every year. Every day new pieces of debris are falling onto the top of your structures and these do more damage than you might guess. Organics, like leaves, are living things and their survival is dependant on natural resources, like water. This means that they are designed to hold onto moisture. This is great for them, but bad for your roof. As leaves sit, they hold dampness against shingles and even decking. A cluttered surface is the perfect opportunity for moss to take hold and spread. As moss weaves over and under shingles, it damages vulnerable roofing materials leading to leaks, water damage, mold and flooding.

When materials are softened, the right cleaning method becomes crucial. Trying to tackle moss, algae and mold with pressure washers can mean a lot of damage. Scraping away moss with a hard wire brush can pull wooden and weakened materials away with it. Under the right conditions, a roof can last decades but without the right care, premature replacement is in the cards. Repairing or replacing roofing is expensive and a pain. Instead of a hassle, get the full life of your roofing with regular cleaning services from experienced roofing contractors.

Choosing Professional Roof Cleaning Services

When you call a Gorilla for your roof cleaning in Scarborough, you can rest assured that invasive growth is removed carefully and safely. Instead of just pushing clutter from your rooftop to your lawn, our services make sure that all items are bagged and responsibly removed. In order to keep clients in the loop, before and after photos are provided. This lets our clients experience the full scale of our services, all from the safety of the ground.

A cluttered roof is bad news but debris has a way of spreading. Instead of sticking to one area of your roof, gutters are also collecting unwanted items. Cleaning roof surfaces and having gutters cleaned go hand in hand. That is why the experts at Gorilla Property Services offer up treatment bundles to keep residential and commercial properties in good shape. Contact us today for a free quote!

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