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Nanaimo Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

Nanaimo Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal appreciates the diversity of the city, not only in its residents but in the make-up of its homes and businesses.

Due to its long history, the process and materials in Nanaimo’s construction are very eclectic and, over the years, there have been many types of materials used in the roofing process.  There are several materials in use throughout the city, however, asphalt appears to be the most commonly used. Although asphalt roofing does have advantages over its competitors, such as expense (asphalt is relatively inexpensive when compared to other options such as slate and aluminum) and installation (permanent metal roofing needs professional installation, as well as concrete tiles), they are at risk from moss and rot. Never fear, Nanaimo Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal is here!

Moss begins to form on roofs during damp periods and retains the moisture, growing and spreading over surfaces. If left untreated, moss is able to move underneath shingles, pulling them up and curling the materials. This can lead to damage and rotting the roof itself. Nanaimo Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal are more than willing to accommodate the unique qualities of your property and discuss the proper techniques to remove the issue without any damage to your home or business. It is easy to neglect roof surfaces, as they are rarely seen but the roof is the first and primary line of defence from the outside elements. Our Gorillas help you keep the great outdoors where they belong, outside!

In addition to moss removal as an important exercise in home maintenance, removing debris from the surface of your roof, can give the property a much needed facelift. Nanaimo and its surrounding areas are ordinarily heavily wooded, allowing a great deal of natural debris to become lose and fall from trees and plants, landing on commercial and residential properties underneath. This debris can make its way into gutters, preventing proper water-flow during heavy rainfalls (see, Nanaimo Gutter Cleaning for more details).

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