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snow removalUnlike some of its residents, Nanaimo Snow Removal and Salting love West Coast Winters!

Canadian winters give off images of flurries and snowmen but on the island-city of Nanaimo, this is not always the case. Snow occurs in Nanaimo when cold outflows come in from the mainland, followed by moist weather conditions.

Even during peak snow season, the accumulation of snow in highly unlikely. The likelihood of snowfall is most likely around January 11th but that only occurs in 12% of days. Nanaimo Snow Removal and Salting understands that although Nanaimo is not the typical winter wonderland, there are other seasonal difficulties that need to be taken care of.

Even with mild winter conditions, temperatures dip below freezing over night. In naturally moist conditions, temperatures dip below freezing over night. In naturally moist conditions, the change in temperature allows ice to form during the night. These conditions are exactly the reason Nanaimo Snow Removal and Salting are helpful friends to have!

Salting eats through slippery surfaces, creating traction on surfaces, whether it be for walking or driving. This simple step can prevent tragedy.

Nanaimo Snow Removal & Salting: Always Prepared

Just because heavy snowfall throughout Nanaimo is improbable, does not make it impossible! In the winter of 2008, there was a record low of -9 degrees, accompanied by 36 centimeters of snow. This snowfall had been beat only in 1965 with another December flurry, leaving 47.8 centimetres of snow behind it. Our Gorillas may not be able to predict the future, but that does not stop us from trying! During winter months we monitor forecasts and prepare for impending snowfall as well as those moist conditions that encourage ice to form. This allows us to plan ahead for all of your Nanaimo Snow Removal and Salting needs, leaving clients to spend less time on shovels and more time on skates.

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