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No one knows Winter like Ontario does. Muskoka might be known as a great vacation spot throughout Summer months but as temperatures dip, property owners are faced with a whole new set of issues. Part of successful property care is ensuring that tenants, guests and customers are able to move freely without the threat of slips and falls – and that means Muskoka snow removal and salting services.

No matter the size of your property, snow and ice management are necessary to the smooth running for both residential and commercial properties. From roads and sidewalks to steps and walkways, every surface is a potential falling hazard, until it is dealt with. If you are not keen to shovel snow, let a friendly Gorilla handle the heavy lifting for you!

What Makes Regular Snow Clearing so Important?

Whether you get a centimetre, an inch or a foot of snow, any amount can be problematic. A thin layer creates slippery surfaces while a heavy snowfall can make it difficult to walk through. Forcing visitors to high-step through an uncleared pathway can lead to slips and falls or strained muscles, never mind the added pressure for those with mobility issues.

In addition to being inconvenient, snow and ice build up can actually result in fines. All across Canada, By-Laws are enforced by region, in order to keep residents safe. Failing to maintain clear pathways can result in unexpected consequences, such as costly fines, a pause on deliveries or even liability issues.

As snow and ice collect all winter long, there is often a lot of build up around vulnerable areas of properties. Leaving snow to sit near basement windows, vents or doors can lead to water damage as snow begins to melt and pool. Cutting a clear path around your property is important but so is putting this cast off into an area where it will not impact surrounding areas.

Expert Snow Removal Services: Great Results, Done Safely

Not every property owner has snow removal equipment at the ready. For large areas such as walkways throughout multi-unit living spaces or parking areas, it can take a ton of time and effort to get results. Grabbing a basic shovel or ice melter are often not the right tools to treat either a home or storefront.

Choosing reliable snow removal services means high quality service that caters to the unique needs of your space. Not everyone has a snow plow parked in their garage, but with customized service options only a phone call away, you don’t need one!

A commercial snow removal service can help to clear a path for potential customers, making your offices or storefront more accessible. Don’t let a heavy snow fall ruin your sales day, when you can call a Gorilla instead. Residential snow removal services, on the other hand, help to keep guests on their feet while preventing unnecessary injury.

The highly trained and fully insured technicians at Gorilla Property Services are able to offer regularly scheduled maintenance as well as emergency services 24 hours a day. Call today for your free quote.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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