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As a property owner, there are enough things to worry about at the ground level, so it is no wonder that roofing often does not get a lot of attention. Heights are out of sight and often out of mind, but leaving these surfaces to the elements can mean big trouble later on. Professional Muskoka roof cleaning and moss removal services can help to keep your property in great shape.

Without eyes on your roof surfaces, it is difficult to get a read on whether or not clutter is building up, or if there is moss growing. Different roofing material requires a different approach to proper cleaning. Luckily, our highly trained team of Gorillas have all the industry experience necessary to get the best results for any roof type.

What Does Your Roof Do For You?

Your roof is the first and last line of defence against the elements, so it is very important to give them the proper care that they deserve. When in good condition, these fixtures keep the rain out and the warmth inside. They also protect against pests and really are the key to keeping a comfortable indoor environment. For all these reasons and more, regularly scheduled roof care is key to a great environment – and our Gorillas can help!

Clutter can happen at any time of year. All it takes is a light breeze to dislodge nearby leaves, seed pods, pines cones and needles, letting them fall down onto nearby rooftops. A thick layer of debris can hide the overall condition of your roofing, making it difficult to assess any necessary repairs. Layers of organics also hold onto moisture, creating a damp, covered area, which is the ideal place for moss to grown and spread.

When you begin to notice discolourations or the first stages of invasive growth, it is easy to want to scrub and scrape it away but this is a mistake. Getting rid of moss is not as simple as scrubbing a shingle with dish soap or pressure washing surfaces. You can spend a ton of time and money on moss killer or waste gallons of water onto a surface but these will not get the results that you need.

Professional Roof Cleaning Services: The Best Results, Every Time

When handling moss growth, it is common for property owners to reach for wire brushes or other heavy handed tools. The tricky part about managing algae, moss and other invasive growth is that they often hold onto moisture, keeping it against vulnerable materials and softening them. A rough tool or brush can strip away protective coatings, leaving vulnerable sections or even holes behind as entry points for water.

Even if you have some experience with roofing, every roof is different and requires a different cleaning approach. A cedar roof must be treated differently than one made up of concrete or standard shingles. Instead of struggling through trial and error, we highly recommend calling an expert for your roof cleaning in Muskoka.

More than just great results for your residential or commercial spaces. our highly trained Gorillas protect your property with fully insured services and an environmentally friendly approach. When you are after eco-friendly practices without losing quality of work, call our experts for your property services. From window cleaning to soft washing and gutter cleaning, there is nothing we can’t handle. Call today for your free quote.

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