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Keeping up with the demands of a property can be tough at the best of times. Caring for a property means monitoring conditions and keeping things clean from top to bottom – and that includes your roof! Getting a proper read on your roofing material means handling heights and navigating slippery surfaces but there are Gorillas nearby that can handle this for you!

Professional Hamilton roof cleaning and moss removal can help to preserve the condition of roofing material, boost curb appeal and improve the look of your home or workspace. Ditch the clutter and remove moss from roof shingles with one phone call! Our Gorillas are highly experienced, expertly trained and fully insured, call today for your free quote.

Hamilton Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal: Getting The Job Done Right

It can be tough to keep your property clear of algae, moss and clutter at the ground level but upper levels can be even worse. If you are seeing more and more build-up of clutter or it has just been a while since your last cleaning, our Gorillas can help. Shady areas can contribute to moss growth. Trying to treat unwanted growth with a pressure washer can waste gallons of water and cause unnecessary damage.

Instead of relying on heavy-duty machinery and harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach, let an expert treat your exterior spaces with eco-friendly cleansers to help protect the integrity of your roofing. In addition to moss removal, our Gorillas offer roof cleaning services to clear away organics and deter moss from growing across shingles or decking.

Instead of sweeping items off of your roof and onto your lawn, our Gorilla technicians can help you get a more well-rounded clean. When organic debris or clutter is covering the surface of your roof, it prevents you from keeping an eye on any potential damage. Once roof clutter is packed up and shipped out, issues with algae or moss growth are brought to the forefront.

The Trouble With Moss

The biggest issue surrounding moss growth on your roof is more than just a plant in an unexpected place. Moss retains moisture, so as it rains, this plant will spread and begin to take over your roof. Instead of sticking to the surface, moss spreads under your shingles and can, in time, damage the integrity of your roof as a whole.

Unlike scrubbing a bit of mould off of a door or window frame, your roof needs to be cleared of moss carefully. Instead of simply grabbing a wire brush and going to town, our Hamilton roof cleaning and moss removal service works with your property, to ensure the best possible results. The Gorilla roster of service includes gutter cleaning, window cleaning, soft washing and beyond. Well-rounded services are designed to keep your systems running smoothly and your structures looking their best.

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