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  • All rooftops and valleys to be cleared of branches, leaves and debris
  • High-pressure vacuums and/or by hand removal
  • All downspouts water tested
  • Before and after digital photos

Cleaning house means maintenance and care inside and out but when it comes to roofing, this becomes very difficult. Eavestrough and gutter systems are key to the smooth running of any home or commercial property – so it is important to keep them clear and passable!

With every day that passes by, leaves and debris are falling from nearby plant life onto roofing and eventually into gutters. It does not take long for blockages to lead to water damage, roof repairs and even rot – but our Gorillas have got you covered. Our Hamilton gutter cleaning services clean eavestrough and downspouts in covered and uncovered areas for the best results every time.

The Dangers of Amateur Eavestrough Cleaning

Proper property maintenance means treating structures and their surrounding areas from the inside, out. Clogged gutters mean more than slow draining water but can cause damage to your home. Sitting water adds weight to your drains, pulling eavestroughs away from their fixtures and causing damage.

In the same way that clogs can cause damage, so can an improper cleaning technique. Softened materials like a soffit, fascia and even decking can be blasted away with high pressure tools or hard bristle brushes. Pressure washing sensitive areas or scraping away at vulnerable materials can lead to serious and expensive damage.

Instead of going in blindly or guessing as to the best method for your Hamilton eavestrough cleaning, our Gorillas bring all of the necessary treatments and tools to get the job done right. Whether you are focused on perimeter drains or are looking for regular roof cleaning, heights are always dangerous. Getting a decent view of your gutter system can be difficult and not just because of the climb, either.

Something as quick as a slip might result in a fall from great heights while one wrong move can end up pulling on gutters or breaking pieces off. A broken system is worse than a clogged system, any day. Take the risk out of your Hamilton gutter cleaning by trusting the pros with your problem fixture.

Hamilton Gutter Cleaning: How We Do It

Getting great results for your Hamilton gutter cleaning can be tough. There is a lot more to a proper cleaning out than you might have initially thought. Sure, there are larger materials in there like large sticks or pinecones but there are also small pieces like needles or dirt. Picking up one piece of dust by hand is nearly impossible and that is why our Gorillas use top of the line vacuums to suck every bit of clutter out of your gutter system.

Focusing on one service at a time is fine, but when your home needs a bit of TLC, ask a Gorilla about bundling services. Why not pair window, gutter, roof cleaning and soft washing services for a fresh look to your home or workspace. Call today for your free quote and get the ball rolling on your cleaning services.

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