Edmonton Window Cleaning

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  • Reach up to 4 stories high from the ground
  • Water fed and or by hand with squeegee
  • Frames and sills wiped clean
  • Before and after photos

As season’s change, your property, goes through its own particular set of trials. While your home or business is hard at work protecting you, it’s outer layers are collecting dirt, dust and debris. Protecting your windows is easy with Gorilla property services and our Edmonton window cleaning.

edmonton window cleaning

In most cases, the windows of your home or business can go unnoticed for long periods of time. Instead of waiting until you feel a draft or are met with clouded glass, take pre-emptive measures to protect the condition of your property. Regular maintenance and Edmonton window cleaning can make all the difference to the life-span of your windows. It may feel solid to the touch but glass itself is a naturally porous material that degrades over time. Dirt and debris collect on the glass surface, seeping in to the material and degrading it from the inside.

Edmonton Window Cleaning: In-Depth Clean

Enlisting Edmonton window cleaning services, guarantees more than a simple ‘wipe-down’ of your glass. Our Gorillas will climb up to three storeys in order to gain a proper view of the entire window. From this vantage point, we are able to relay a full report of the condition of your windows. We use all of the proper tools in order to, not only clean your windows, but to discourage dirt from collecting again right away. Our Gorillas are outfitted with eco-friendly cleaning solutions as well as rubber squeegees, designed to lower the amount of static electricity left behind to collect and attract airborne dirt and debris.

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