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In Edmonton, nature is king. Alberta might be associated with the great outdoors but while residents are exploring these spaces, nature is creeping in a little closer to home. Moss coverings on trees can be very beautiful but having it spread across your property is another story all together. Lucky for you, our Edmonton roof cleaning and moss removal is only one call away. Regular treatments are able to extend the life span of your roof, all while improving curb appeal.

The Danger of Roof Moss & Clutter

Alberta is known for a harsh climate. Definitive seasons, full of snow, frost and rainfall put your roof through a lot. Every roof is designed to lead water out and away from sensitive areas but what about clutter? Heavy wind and rain dislodge organics from surrounding trees and plant life and, with nowhere else to go, these items collect on rooftops. This debris can be large, like a branch or small, like pine needles. This clutter leaves roofs looking awful but it also traps moisture against surfaces. Organic foundations and access to moisture paves the way for roof moss to grow and thrive. This invasive growth climbs over the surface of your roof, spreading underneath shingles and pulling them free from the roof itself. These openings allow sitting moisture to move into the structural component of your property.

Local moss removal services understand the importance of the condition of your roof. If left to sit over long time periods, moss thickens and grows, wearing down materials such as asphalt shingles. Fixing or replacing materials is part of being a property owner but professional roof care can delay this process, giving you the full life-expectancy of your roof. Depending on the materials used in your roofs construction, you can expect anywhere from 15 to 30 years on average but without proper maintenance, this number can be significantly less.

Our Gorillas have been thoroughly trained to not only perform your roof cleaning services and  kill moss, but to spot problem areas, and taking photos in order to discuss these potential issues with our clients. Book your appointments online or by phone with one of our highly-trained Gorillas.

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