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British Columbia is known for its mild winters but that doesn’t mean an absence of snow and ice. Waking up to an unexpected winter wonderland is not always a nice thing for property owners. Having to wade through snow or dig out a vehicle is no picnic but it is a necessary part of property management. Instead of letting the cold season get the best of you, call in a Gorilla for your Coquitlam snow removal and salting.

Coquitlam Snow Removal & Salting: Keeping Properties Passable

Whether you are dealing with an unattached home, strata or commercial property, proper snow clearing is a must. You might be able to shovel snow off of smaller walkways but larger properties need more than just that. Storefronts with parking lots rely on snow plowing while strata spaces use blowers to keep pathways clear. The right snow removal equipment can mean the difference between an inviting space and a health hazard. Being able to remove snow is great but it does not necessarily stop threats of slipping and falling. Underneath layers of snow, there is always ice lurking. De-icing properties helps to keep tenants, visitors and customers on their feet.

Scraping snow from walkways and piling it up somewhere else might be a temporary solution but it has its own setbacks. As temperatures begin to rise, heavy snow melt collects, drowning out lawns or seeping through cracks in foundations. The annual snowfall in Coquitlam is usually around 58cm, but winter storms can always bring more. In an unpredictable environment, you can never be sure just how bad winter can be. Setting yourself apart as a snow removal company means being prepared for anything. Storms do not keep regular hours, so neither do we! By offering regularly scheduled maintenance, as well as emergency call outs, our specialists have you covered 24 hours a day.

Choosing Professional Snow Removal Services

Just because our Gorillas are always on duty, doesn’t mean that you have to be. Snow falls most often during the late night and early morning hours. By monitoring the weather, our experts are ready for anything. The city of Coquitlam can rest easy while our fully trained and brightly uniformed Gorillas get to work! The night before expected frost or snowfall, we sneak in and salt parkade entrances, walkways and landings.  On snowy days, before your alarm has even gone off, our silent snow removers have been and gone.  The only proof they leave behind is safe common areas, free of any and all traces of snow and ice.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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