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It is easy to keep track of clutter inside your home but things are more difficult outside. In the same way that a cluttered table or counter looks untidy, so does your roof. Organic debris falls from surrounding plant life, settling on your roof and creating layers of debris. No one wants to be the “messy” house on the block or to create a bad impression for commercial spaces. Instead of trying to keep up with organics, have a Gorilla keep your space looking great with our Coquitlam roof cleaning and moss removal services.

Coquitlam Roof Cleaning: Combatting Clutter

The surface of your roof is a prime area to collect debris. Depending on the style of your roof and the plant life growing around it, you can expect any number of items to collect on your roof. Pinecones, seed pods, leaves, twigs and pine needles land on roofing, either sitting or tumbling into gutters. These types of items are made to trap and hold moisture. In addition to looking awful, this creates the perfect place for moss to grow.

When moss and algae are allowed to take hold and spread, it can only mean bad news for your property. The right cleaning services can extend the life of your roofing but the wrong one can mean costly damage and necessary repairs. Moss weaves itself over and under asphalt shingles, pulling them up from decking. Any opened area is an opportunity for leaks, water damage and mold. It also mean softened construction materials. Trying to scrape away moss or pressure washing sensitive areas can pull away pieces of important material. This is what makes proper roof cleaning services so important.

The Key to a Clean Roof

Good roof cleaning companies do not lump properties into a ‘one-size-fits-all’ categories. Our Gorillas create a customized maintenance program designed to address the unique needs of your property. When invasive growth latches onto your roof, clearing it away can be dangerous without understanding the cleaning process. First, surface debris is swept away. This gives our roof cleaning experts a clear view of exactly what they are dealing with. Then, an eco-friendly solution is used to disinfect areas while speciality tools safely remove moss.

For many property owners, larger maintenance projects are often put off. These are time consuming and costly but our Gorillas want to help save you money. When kept in good condition, the average roof can last a decade or more. Regularly scheduled maintenance can help eliminate unnecessary wear and tear, keeping your space in good shape, longer.

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