We are thrilled to introduce Erin as the newest addition to our Gorilla family. As the fresh face of our team, she will be dedicated  to take care of residential and commercial properties at Gorilla’s newest territory in Abbotsford, British Columbia!

Q: What made you want to own a franchise, specifically a Gorilla business?

I was thinking of starting some kind of business for a while and the franchise option was always appealing to me due to a number of factors. Aside from seeing the trucks around with their catchy branding, Andrew was a great asset in selling joining Gorilla to me. Also, it’s an industry that people will always need, so the business will always be there!

Q: Why now – what influenced you to make this decision?

The timing seemed right for myself, and everything fell into place. I had my finances in order, spent the time to review all the provided documents details and went for it. After making the decision it was a couple of months before actually starting work, because I wanted to start in the Spring.

Q: In your opinion, what are the benefits of joining a franchise system?

Joining a franchise system offers many benefits to business owners.

-A Recognizable Brand: Franchises often come with well-known brand names and trademarks. This recognition can attract customers more easily than starting a brand from scratch.

-Training and Support: Franchise owners usually receive comprehensive training and ongoing support from the franchisor.

-Proven Systems: Franchises typically have a tried-and-tested business model that has been successful in other locations.

Q: Tell us about your territory, what do you think makes it unique?

Abbotsford is a city in British Columbia, known for its picturesque landscapes, agricultural heritage, and vibrant community. What makes Abbotsford unique is its blend of rural charm and urban amenities.

Abbotsford also boasts stunning natural beauty, with lush greenery, mountains, and rivers dotting the landscape. Residents and visitors alike enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and fishing in places like Abbotsford’s Discovery Trail or the nearby Sumas Mountain.

Q: What do you expect about being a business/franchise owner?

I expect that being a business owner/ franchise owner will be both rewarding and challenging. It will push me to learn and grow each day both personally and professionally. As an owner, you develop independence through making the day to decisions of your business. This ranges from hiring employees, setting prices, marketing and more. I expect a steep learning curve while navigating the ins and outs of running a business for the first time, due to the numerous aspects. So far it’s been great, and looking forward to the future.

Welcome aboard, Erin!