April showers bring May staining. It is easy to hide out indoors, avoiding the rain but with each drop that falls, your property is developing new discolorations. Spills on shirts or carpets often get attention right away, but the vulnerable outdoor areas of your home can go unnoticed for long periods. Over time, stucco, and siding start to look rather sad but our Gorillas can help! For those more sensitive areas of properties, soft washing can help to scrub even the most complicated construction materials around your space.

What Can You Soft Wash?

With stains beginning to build, it is easy to become frustrated. When this happens, property owners are quick to reach for pressure washers to blast dirt away. Highly pressurized water sprays can blow apart aged or weakened materials, creating bigger and more costly problems. The threat of unnecessary damage is enough reason to consider which materials are better off with soft washing:

Wood: There are plenty of ways to incorporate wooden features around outdoor spaces. Depending on the age, condition and use of your wood details, high pressure sprays can pull away softened areas. Wood panel siding, for example, can add personality but it is also prone to rot if not cared for, and cracks if washed improperly. The same can be said for wooden fences and decking.

Stucco & Siding: When left on its own, the rough texture of stucco can catch and collect buildup and debris. Stucco is made up of sand, cement, lime, and water and is susceptible to breakage. High pressure sprays are also known to crack vinyl siding. Power washing might work for hard surfaces like cement, but it won’t do for delicate areas. If either of these materials is broken, it opens the door to water damage.

Shingles & Roofing: Roofs are built to be tough, withstanding the elements and keeping unwanted items out. No matter how tough these fixtures are meant to be, they can’t stay in good shape without a bit of help. Soft washing is the only way to clean these areas without pulling away at weakened materials, creating openings for water and even pests to sneak through.

Why Call a Gorilla

Our team of highly skilled Gorillas have spent years perfecting our soft washing techniques. Instead of just aiming and shooting pressurized sprays, our team uses environmentally friendly cleansing agents to treat surface stains. Once these are loosened, a bit of brushing removes lifted materials, pushing them away and exposing the cause of stains underneath. When you want the best results for your exterior or house washing, just call in your friendly neighborhood Gorillas.