Home appliances are always evolving. From classic styles to “smart” updates, these machines have hardware that is built to last. In order to keep a standard clothes dryer running, regular maintenance is a must. When it comes to multi-unit properties, it requires even more effort, time and man-power. Even a bit of neglect can result in a significant reduction in functionality, unnecessary wear and tear and even a premature repair or replacement. 

Replacing one appliance is costly enough but multiple can break the budget. In high-traffic areas like hotels, hospitals, assisted living centres, schools, condominium complexes or apartment buildings, you may be dealing with dozens of loads of laundry per day. Having a dryer go down can cause a massive ripple effect throughout your property. With so much riding on these machines, routine maintenance feels like a no-brainer. 

The Consequences of Clogged Dryer Vents 

If you notice that your appliance is not working properly, replacing it might not be the answer. Before you call in a repair crew, call a Gorilla to ensure that you are not just dealing with another basic blockage. While our experienced technicians are not repair experts, a properly cleaned system can make your appliance feel brand new again. 

Removable, mesh lint traps are fantastic additions to any machine but these can only do so much. With each load of laundry that passes through a system. small pieces of debris sneak passed these areas and become lodged in systems. Damp lint and hair cling to the sides of air ducts and begin to create blockages, preventing air from cycling through properly. 

More than just reducing the function of your appliance, a clogged system recirculates contaminated air. Covered, damp environments are ideal places for mold to form and spread. When mold is present and dryers are left to run, the tainted air is pushed back into laundry rooms, dropping air quality inside and creating increased allergens which are both annoying and a real issue for those with respiratory issues. In addition to these unseen threats, clogged dryer ducts are a huge fire risk. 

How Can a Gorilla Help? 

A highly-trained Gorilla is able to dig deep into appliances, removing clogs from even the toughest to reach areas. Once these blockages are removed, your machines are able to circulate air properly, drying clothing faster and eliminating the needs of repeat loads. This means lower utility costs and a clean bill of health for your clothes dryer.