Right now, the world at large is staying put. With so many more residents staying indoors, there are a lot of daily pressures being put on properties and the appliances inside them. Spring cleaning is great for people but too much of it can put added pressure on properties themselves and the appliances inside them.

Refrigerators are obviously getting a good workout but so are washers and dryers! When you are dealing with heavy-duty machines, it takes a specialized hand to deal with clothes dryers.

Caring for Your Machines

In a high traffic area, appliances can see dozens of loads pass through a single machine, in a single day! Whether you are working with an ordinary dryer or larger commercial machine, each of these is a at the mercy of lint buildup and debris. On its own a bit of lint might be inconvenient – especially when it is clinging to your clothes – but buildup is also dangerous.

When lint, hair, scraps of paper and other debris begin to collect and layer over themselves, residents are dealing with fire hazards, allergens, a drop in indoor air quality and unnecessary wear and tear on your machine. Why bother cutting the lifespan of your machine short when you can trust an expert to keep things running smoothly?

There is never a bad time to care for your appliances. It can be difficult to navigate an uncertain climate, but our Gorillas have all the right tools for the job. Our experts are able to clean ducts and vents from the outside, making it a safe way to keep up with the demands of your multi-unit property.

Calling All Gorillas

Our team of experts use high-power vacuums to suck up clogs and blockages from inside your system. More than just removing the obvious problems, Gorillas scrub and wipe down the sides of vents. This extra step ensures that sides are not collecting new debris as soon as services are finished.