Taking care of a single property is difficult but a maintaining a multi-unit space is even tougher. The exterior surfaces of structures demand a lot of attention but that doesn’t mean that interiors should he overlooked – particularly laundry rooms. More than reducing the function of your machines, clogged dryer vents can cause damage and even dryer fires. 

Unlike household clothes dryers, high traffic areas don’t see one or two loads per week- they can see hundreds! Whether in a residential space, like apartments or condominiums or assisted living centres and hotels, machines are under a lot of pressure. Lighten the load with a bit of help from your friendly neighbourhood Gorillas. 

How Often Should You Clean Your System 

Cleaning out a removable lint trap should be done with every load of laundry. With each run of your appliance, bits of lint and debris are dislodged, trapped and left behind. Even though you can’t see it, lint collection, hair and debris are always building. Damp items stick together, creating bigger layers and even bigger problems. 

It is easy to think that this chore is best left for Spring or Summer but most locations are doing even more laundry throughout winter. Salt stained clothing, damp pants, soaked outdoor clothing and the general muck that sticks to your shoes during winter all finds its way inside. This means your dryers are running overtime and should not be ignored. 

Depending on frequency of use, lint buildup and collected debris can have a negative impact on air quality and breathing. Lint is also highly flammable and even a single spark can lead to a large-scale fire. In order to avoid these worst-case scenarios, our experts highly recommend a professional cleaning at least once a year. 

Going Gorilla: Understanding the Process 

In order to get the best results for our clients, Gorilla crews offer a range of tools and techniques to get rid of clogs and blockages in even the toughest to reach spots. More than sticking hands into removable traps, our experienced technicians dig deep into ducts and hoses, dislodging any buildup that might be there. 

Locally owned and operated companies provide quick service and excellent customer care. Before and after photos show off our great results while access to aftercare help to keep our clients in the loop every step of the way.