It is easy to be distracted by dirty windows, especially while spring is in full bloom. If you are having trouble seeing through cloudy or stained windows, let a Gorilla swing in to save the day. Distorted visuals might be the reason that most property owners call in professional window cleaning but routine maintenance means so much more. Proper care can extend the lifespan of your windows, cutting costs and driving up curb appeal.

The Affects of Dirty Windows

The most noticeable by-product of dirty windows is a distorted view but sitting dirt and debris can cause actual damage as well. It is easy to forget that glass is a porous material, but as foreign items sit on surfaces, they are actually seeping into the pores of the panes themselves. This leaves windows weakened and susceptible to breakage. More than just the panes themselves, degrading can impact sills and frames as well. As temperatures get warmer, more and more Canadians are leaning on air conditioners for support. If your framing is in bad condition, you can be sending money right out the window – literally!

Choosing Professional Care

Hiring on a professional window cleaning service means that your fixtures are cleaned safely and properly, from corner to corner. Amateur window washing techniques can produce static cling and harsh cleansers can wear down on surfaces themselves. Instead of taking unnecessary risks, Gorillas use eco-friendly disinfectant cleansers, along with specialized tools, designed to get results that last. Rubber squeegees can eliminate cling on ground floor windows while water-fed poles (or Tucker poles) can reach windows up to 4 storeys high. Don’t worry though – even at these heights, safety is a top priority. Each and every Gorilla is trained and equipped with top of the line safety tools and insurance, so clients always have peace of mind.