There are plenty of tasks to keep up with around multi-unit properties – so much so, that many of them are neglected throughout the day. For the most part, forgotten chores might mean a minor inconvenience for property owners or managers but some are more dangerous than others. Dryer lint might not seem like a health hazard but clogged vents around laundry rooms increase risk of illness and even fires.

Limiting Lint Build Up

With every load of laundry that passes through your appliances, bits of lint and other debris are left behind. Much of this debris is trapped within mesh lint traps but these screens can’t catch everything. The average household clothes dryer collects bits and pieces here and there, but heavy-duty use means more vigilance. Shared laundry facilities like those in apartments, condos, assisted living centres, hotels and even schools go through dozens of wash loads per day. The more loads, the more lint, the more strain on your appliances. Just because you can’t see buildup, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

What makes lint so dangerous is that it collects silently in hard to reach places. Even when traps are cleaned and the coast looks clear, blockages are still there. Dryer ducts and vents aren’t made up of completely smooth surfaces, which means damp dust and lint can stick and collect to sides. This makes your dryer vents ticking time bombs. As air becomes unable to circulate, mold forms in damp areas, Make life easier on your appliances, your lungs and on your wallet by calling in a Gorilla today.

Keeping Communities Clean

Instead of pushing blockages and clogs out of your minds, have a Gorilla push them out of your system all together. Our unique brand of dryer vent cleaning digs deep into systems in order to remove hidden blockages and buildup completely. In addition to sucking up clogs, the sides of ducts are also scrubbed clean to make sure that debris doesn’t start collecting again right away. For the right result that lasts longer, look no further than your friendly neighbourhood Gorilla.