As soon as the clocks skip forward, it is time to look ahead to Spring. With the last of winter weather in the rear-view, it is time to look ahead to those April showers and that means gutter cleaning. With all that moisture raining down, it is important to know where it is going. Over the course of the year, organics shake loose from surrounding plant life, landing on your roofing and rolling into your gutter system or eavestrough. Eventually, clogs and blockages form, preventing water from travelling freely and creating huge problems for homeowners.

Sitting water is not just a breeding ground for bacteria but can have serious repercussions for properties. Pests love a damp environment and will even choose clogged gutters to make their home or, in the case of mosquitoes, to lay their eggs. Even without pests plaguing your off-hours, full gutters wear down on fixtures. Additional weights pull on fastenings, damaging walls but also leaves water to sit against vulnerable materials. As water sits against sensitive areas like wooden decking, it can wear away at protective coatings, creating entry points for water. If you do not want to deal with water damage, rot or mould, make regular gutter cleaning a part of your home care routine.

What Clean Gutters Mean For You

In order to keep your system running smoothly, our team of experts highly recommend twice annual cleaning services. By clearing out systems once in Fall and once in Spring, water is able to flow freely through your drainage system, traveling out and away from sensitive materials.

For many property owners, cleaning gutters means climbing up on a ladder and running a hand through gunk and buildup. This traditional method might provide a superficial improvement, but it does not do enough to keep your system running throughout the year. Instead of sparring with subpar treatments, our Gorillas bring in the big guns! Mobile backpack vacuums are used to suck up blockages from opened areas, covered pipes and even downspouts. Once your system is free of debris, pipes are scrubbed clean to ensure that there is nothing left behind. If that weren’t enough, perimeter drains are then water tested, making sure that there is nothing hiding out of sight.

When you want the best results for your gutter cleaning, just call a Gorilla. Our team of experts swing into action, bringing a clean look and great results right to your front door.