There is a lot of pressure put on storefronts throughout the year. Each season takes its toll, leaving stains and discolourations behind. Taking a bucket of hot water, rag or brush to windows in summer is simple enough, but as temperatures dip, commercial property owners have more to worry about.

The wrong technique can not only leave your windows looking dingy but it can also mean unforeseen dangers, for both your glass and passersby. Choosing professional commercial window cleaning means that your glass is treated properly, without damage to materials or protective coatings and without creating an ice rink right outside your front door.

Staying Clean, Even in the Cold

When the sun is out and weather is warm, dirt, dust and bird droppings are the prime culprits for window stains. As temperatures drop, not much changes. Glass is subject to salt stains, handprints and all manner of markings. Stains are bound to happen but letting them sit sends the wrong message about your property.

In a competitive climate, something as simple as a clean slate can make a world of difference to the foot traffic outside. Natural stains are bad enough but graffiti is worse. Trying to remove either of these with an amateur approach can mean damage as well as a bad picture. Water marks, streaks and debris shoved into corners look terrible but they also cause unnecessary wear and tear to glass.

No matter the time of year, there is a way to get the job done! From manmade stains to natural markings, clean windows are the key to a great display. If your glass is suffering, look no further than a friendly, neighbourhood Gorilla for help.

Great Results, Excellent Customer Service

As small business owners, our Gorilla crews understand how important consistency and presentation are. Instead of being put on-hold, our experienced crews are quick to perform on-call window cleaning, as well as scheduled services, for the best results possible.

Rubber tools neutralize static, preventing airborne items from clinging to glass, making them look messy again. Eco-friendly cleansers are effective without being harsh on materials. Instead of being trapped at the ground level, our team of highly trained Gorillas are able to reach windows up to four storeys with the help of water-fed poles and lifts. No matter the size or scale of your commercial window cleaning, our Gorillas are always fully insured and pride themselves on operating safely.