With Summer days coming to a close, it is time for property owners to start thinking about seasonal maintenance. Warmer weather has likely seen the need for continued lawn maintenance but roofing likely hasn’t gotten much attention. There are plenty of reasons that roofing is ignored but the most obvious is heights. Whether climbing a single storey or higher, slips and falls are a reality – so leave it to the pros!

The main culprit in roof damage is moss but this invasive growth does not just happen overnight. In order to keep your home, commercial or multi-unit space in good shape, regular roof care is a must. Whether clearing clutter or managing moss, there is a right way and a wrong way to get things done. Avoid unnecessary damage by leaving the heavy lifting to an experienced Gorilla.

What is Hiding Out Under Clutter?

Roof clutter is one of those unavoidable facts of life. Depending on the type of plant life around your space, you can expect everything from a full dump of leaves during Fall to needles and pine cones through the Summer. Organics are dependent on moisture to survive and that doesn’t stop just because they’ve fallen off.

As organic castoff sits on surfaces, it holds onto moisture, creating a damp, inviting space for mold to take hold. Instead of staying in one place, invasive growth likes to spread itself across surfaces, weaving over and under shingling until it reaches the vulnerable areas underneath. Even a bit of neglect can damage decking, leading to leaks, water damage, mold and flooding.

While moss might cause softening and damage all on its own, that is nothing compared to the damage caused by improper removal techniques. The most common tool for amateur removal are metal, wire brushes. These might pull up the beginnings of growth but it also tugs at softened materials, creating hole for water and even pests to sneak into.

Avoid the Worst Case with Routine Care

By opting for twice annual roof treatments, property owners can keep their homes and workplaces in good standing, all year long. The right approach comes along with a proper assessment. Experienced technicians know what to look for when treating roofing. From aged materials to softened surfaces, our experts can spot vulnerable areas, avoiding unnecessary damage.

Instead of simply moving debris from one area to another, clutter is collected and bagged, leaving properties as fresh as ever. More than just great results, fully insured service provides peace of mind to clients.