Graffiti can be found in every city across Canada. Street art is on display in every major city but unwanted designs are present in small towns as well. Because of how common graffiti is, plenty of property owners have taken to hiring teams to peel back paint and remove stains. As with any property maintenance service, it is important to do your homework. Choosing the wrong firm can mean subpar results or even make the situation worse. How is this possible? We’re glad you asked.

Shadowing: The longer that paint sits against surfaces, the more difficult it is to remove. For those stains that have been sitting for long periods, regular methods just won’t work. The wrong removal system can not only define designs more completely but leave them there permanently. In the right hands, a pressure washer can be a useful tool for paint removal but when set too high, these sprays strip away protective coatings, damage materials and result in permanent shadowing.

Paint Bleeding: Many inexperienced graffiti services will reach for harsh tools such as paint thinners. These thinners are primarily used to fix spills on hard surfaces like concrete. When applied to aerosol paints, however, these chemicals loosen paint, allowing it to drip down surfaces, widening the stain. Extended stains worsen visuals, take more time to fix overall and can allow stains to soak into even more difficult areas, such as cracks, crevices and textures.

Overspray: Because of their construction, spray paints put out an initial, concentrated colour spray but they also expel smaller flecks of paint around it. Inexperienced removal will often treat obvious designs but ignore the surrounding areas. This method leaves behind discolouration that can make surfaces look dingy.

When you choose Gorilla Property Services, you have access to all the best in technology, tools, experience and training. With a network of peers behind us that stretches clear across the country, there is nothing that can surprise a Gorilla. When you are ready for the best in care and results, just contact a local graffiti removal specialist.

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