Property maintenance and management go hand-in-hand, but this does not always come from the same person or team. The overall care and condition of structures and their surrounding area can make an impression, but they can also pose a health risk or deter foot traffic. Keeping large spaces in good condition takes time, money and muscle, which can be tough demands to keep up with. 

The Perks of Professional Care 

Choosing professional services for exterior maintenance can help to keep up with the demand of high-traffic properties of any size and style. It can be difficult to let go of certain tasks but passing these important chores to an expert frees up time, can save money and can protect the condition of structures, exterior spaces and the environment around them. 

Time: It is no secret that chores take time. When you are responsible for a commercial space or a high-traffic area like a condo complex, there is always work to be done. Not clearing away sidewalks or pressure washing slippery, invasive growth in a timely manner can mean slips or falls. Save yourself the headache of late nights, early mornings and scheduling conflicts by calling a pro to handle your heavy lifting. 

Cost: The argument for sticking to a DIY maintenance method is usually broken down into dollars and cents. Everyone is eager to save a buck or two wherever they can but sometimes experienced service can be more cost-effective than you think. Maintaining a property’s exterior means heavy machinery and cleaning supplies. Cut the costs of stocking a tool shed and maintaining those tools by calling a fully-stocked Gorilla. 

Results: No matter how many times you have used a power tool or washed a window, there is no replacement for an experienced industry specialist. More than just getting great results, our Gorilla experts are fully insured to protect both our staff, and your property. 

Local Experts In Your Area 

The Gorilla team is always growing, expanding our territories to better serve clients all over North America. Instead of taking a risk on an unknown business or being another name on a call sheet for a corporation, Gorillas put you first. With options for scheduled maintenance or call-out services, no one gets left out in the cold. From large to small; residential to commercial, there is no property that our Gorilla crews can’t handle.