It can be difficult to know how to care for your property when the temperatures dip down. Avoiding maintenance is easy enough when it is cold outside but keeping your structure in the best possible condition is an all year job. Taking an amateur approach to cleaning can result in structural damage, flooding and, during winter – ice formations. 

Don’t let proper care and maintenance fall by the wayside when you can call a professional to get the job done properly. While some tasks are best left for fall or spring, there are plenty of tasks that can still be done despite cold weather. Graffiti does not have to sit for months at a time and your windows do not have to be left full of debris. 

Watching the Weather 

With Gorilla crews spread all over North America, services should be catered to not only your property type but to your environment as well. Having clogged gutters isn’t an issue for properties in warm weather climates, like Las Vegas but in snow-ridden areas like Winnipeg, these treatments are on hold until a thaw. By understanding your climate, it is possible to create a care schedule that works for you. 

West Coast: Western cities are known for more rain than snowfall throughout winter months. If temperatures remain above zero, roof and gutter cleaning are possible (as long as it isn’t raining!). 

East Coast: With freezing temperatures, snow removal and salting are an increasingly popular call-out for our Gorilla crews. Proper salting helps to keep pedestrians on their feet and can protect the condition of your home or commercial property. 

Down South: In warmer climates, the range of services available throughout the year is a bit wider. Without the threat of ice formations, everything from pressure washing to soft washing  and our full roster of services are available.

All Year Long: Graffiti is an issue, no matter the season. Spray paint removal services can be catered to conditions and the elements, making it possible no matter the time. Clean windows are a necessity no matter the season, and our Gorillas can accommodate your location.