Cold temperatures may have hit already but it is not too late to protect your property from frigid winter weather. Instead of focusing on the obvious setbacks of snowfall, it is important to take a wider view of your outdoor space. Don’t wait for melting season to showcase potential damage, when you can call a Gorilla to treat your exterior spaces from the ground, up.

What Are Winter Services?

It is easy to think that home and property care during cold months only refers to snow and ice management but this just isn’t the case. Neglecting certain aspects of property care throughout winter can mean a whole lot of headaches in spring. Avoid a mess by consulting a Gorilla for your cold weather care:

De-Gunking Gutters: The cold season can be temperamental. As temperatures drop below freezing overnight, property owners can expect snow fall and ice formation but daytime hours are a different story. Warm, sunny afternoons can melt snow, particularly on roofing, which means moisture makes its way into gutters. A quick cleaning in the Fall can remove any gutter clutter that had collected during Spring and Summer months. A clear path for water to flow out and away from roofing and fixtures prevents rot, water damage and even pest infestations.

Roof Cleaning: Roof cleaning is often neglected during regular maintenance practices but roofing should draw focus at any time of year. When exposed to moisture, organic debris begins to rot and can lead to moss formation and spreading. Removing organics before a heavy snowfall helps to limit issues but snow on its own can also be an issue. Accumulating snow can slide from slopes, potentially harming those below. Calling a professional to remove snow buildup protects visitors – as well as owners by keeping them off of roofing.

Snow Clearing and Salting: Proper snow removal and de-icing are the main culprits of winter services. Getting a jump on salting means not waiting until someone takes a tumble around your home or commercial space. After years in the industry, our Gorillas know how to spot a potential problem area from a mile away. Slopes and inclines can collect water, creating ice rinks around virtually any outdoor space. Proper inspection can help to eliminate these risks while snow clearing creates passable pathways for guests, tenants and customers.

Choosing Local Services

If property care were simple and easy, everyone would do it! One chore is enough but several can seen overwhelming. Calling an expert means having access to all the necessary health and safety features and tools to get the best results for several jobs, all at once. Bundling services means a clean sweep across your space by fully insured and expert technicians.

Contact your local Gorilla experts today to find out if snow removal services are available in your area.