Most people associate curb appeal with realtors but you don’t need to be selling your house to appreciate a clean and welcoming property. Owners and managers are always trying to make the best impression – well, now our Gorillas make it easy! Proper equipment and techniques make it possible to tackle stains that are natural, manmade or downright otherworldly. In addition to leaving properties looking their best, our experts help to extend the lifespan of construction materials, meaning better results at a better rate.

Gorilla Services: More Than Just The Surface

Whether you are tackling an unattached home, multi-unit property or commercial space, structures and yards are made up of many different materials. Sidewalks, driveways and paving stones require pressure washing; stucco and vinyl siding demand soft washing and vandalism calls for graffiti removal.

Graffiti Removal: Graffiti is often ugly, offensive and sends the wrong message to passersby. Instead of letting paint sit, Gorillas rev up service vehicles to remove spray paint as soon as possible. This quick approach, combined with eco-friendly cleansers, brushes and pressure washers can strip away even the most stubborn of stains. The longer that paint sits, the deeper imbedded the stain becomes. Baked in discolourations are no match for a Gorilla. Our experts will go as far as paint matching to cover up any shadows or residuals marks left behind.

Pressure Washing: Managing unwanted growth can be a full-time job for property owners or managers. Over time, algae, moss and mildew can degrade materials from the inside out. Simply blasting away at these areas with high-pressure sprays can cause more harm than good. Every Gorilla is trained to maneuver these power tools safely, without breakage, leaving behind only a squeaky clean view.

Soft Washing: While pressure washing uses force, soft washing is a gentler approach to a great looking structure. Delicate materials like stucco are textured, so they trap and hold dirt. The soft washing process digs deep into cracks, crevices and grooves to dig out the cause and symptoms of discolourations.

The Gorilla approach to improving curb appeal provides Canadian communities at every layer, creating a welcoming environment for visitors, clients and owners themselves.