No matter the size of your property, outdoor areas have a good deal of concrete laying around. Whether at the heart of a city or in a rural environment, hard surfaces are a dime a dozen. From concrete planters to sidewalks and driveways, retaining walls and gazebos, there is no shortage of hard surfaces that need to be cleaned. 

Cement and concrete are left to the elements, meaning stains quickly become a part of your landscape but so can unwanted growth like algae. Dirt and build-up can leave your exteriors looking awful but algae can create dangerous environments for visitors and passersby. Slippery surfaces and compromised concrete can create health hazards – but our Gorillas can help! 

What to Know About Algae

Unlike weeds around lawns or gardens, algae can not be destroyed by pulling up a stem. Instead of regular growth, algae just latches onto surfaces and begins to spread. More than being ugly, a coating of this unwanted growth can create a slippery surface. Algae tends to form in damp or humid environments while shade can contribute to rapid growth cycles. 

Having invasive growth latch onto hard surfaces can cause issues in two ways: personal injury and property damage. It might be hard to the touch but concrete is porous. Leaving excessive moisture to sit can mean degrading over time but more than that, it will cause permanent discolouration to concrete. This means a drop in curb appeal and a negative first impression. 

Slippery surfaces mean one wrong step can lead to serious injury. A sprained ankle or pulled muscle can cause serious problems for anyone. This is a problem at home but it is an even bigger issue around businesses. Leaving algae to take over exteriors can result in serious injury and liability issues. 

Caring for Parking Structures 

Parkades are a prime area for algae growth and dirt buildup. These areas face dampness from the elements and are shaded by walls and roofing. The last thing that building owners want is for a customer to step outside their vehicle onto a slippery surface. In addition to issues walking, a layer of algae can make braking difficult – and it looks terrible! 

Gorillas are able to clean large-scale cement structures with eco-friendly disinfectants and expert pressure washing techniques. One visit from a Gorilla can leave your property looking its best and creates a safe and welcoming environment for your guests and visitors. Call today to find out if parkade cleaning is available in your region.