Canada is full of temperamental environments. No matter which province you are in, moisture, humidity and rain are never far behind. Damp days are inconvenient for residents but they can be downright dangerous for properties. Invasive growth thrives in these environments and can take over structures before you know it. Catching moss and algae before it spreads can mean the difference between damage and destruction; or a clean slate and welcoming space. 

Spotting Unwanted Growth 

Everyone knows that algae can form in pools and ponds but these materials aren’t restricted to water. It does not take long for these unwanted formations to spread against hard surfaces, concrete in particular. It is easy to forget just how much concrete makes up the average property. Walkways, paving stones, fountains, retaining walls, and driveways are all susceptible to growth. Each of these areas requires constant monitoring, which leaves owners running around like chickens trying to inspect and treat. Handling one area might provide a bit of temporary relief but while you are scrubbing away, there is another spot forming. Keeping up with growth can feel impossible, unless you call in a Gorilla. 

Algae looks terrible, but it also means damage. Concrete is a porous material so in addition to foreign items sitting on surfaces, they are seeping into pores. This means that moisture is transported inside and degrades even the hardest materials from the inside out. Taking the wrong approach to removal can chip away at worn concrete, causing damage. This is why algae removal should only be attempted by the professionals. 

Applying the Right Pressure 

Pressure washing is the quickest and most effective solution to unwanted growth. The trick to success with a power washer is understanding how to use it. Underestimated water pressure or aiming off to the side can result in broken windows, broken skin and the potential for broken everything! Gorillas use these power tools every day, so there is never any doubt that you are getting the best results. Treating areas with eco-friendly cleaners and disinfectants not only removes stains and threats but it creates a clean and welcoming space for guests. 

Scrubbing away at stains might provide a temporary boost but it won’t alleviate the problem in the same way that a deep clean can. When you want the best results possible, there is no better approach than calling a Gorilla. Each and every one of our experts is fully insured so clients can rest easy while getting results.