Snow might come and go but winter weather leaves its mark behind. Shovelling away snow and laying down salt might help to keep tenants and visitors on their feet but it does not do much for the stains left behind. When your local cold snap finally breaks, property owners can be left with a nasty clean up. Salt stains, water marks, dirt and dust all clog cracks, crevices and textures around exterior spaces. Seasonal stains might seem like just another fact of life but they don’t need to be! Sure, it is possible to learn to live with these stains, but why would you want to?

High Pressure and Low Flow

There is no one right way to treat outdoor areas. In order to get the best results for our clients, each member of the Gorilla team is dedicated to creating customized plans, unique to your space. By using the right tools and the right procedures, our team of experts treat spaces according to their needs and condition. Say goodbye to harmful or dangerous treatment methods and “hello” to proper care by calling in a Gorilla.

Soft Washing: For most property owners, reaching for a pressure washer is the first step to property maintenance. Hard pressure sprays might strip away stains on harder surfaces but they only mean trouble for more vulnerable surfaces. Materials like stucco or vinyl siding can break when met with amped up power tools. Soft washing, on the other hand, uses low pressure sprays to tackle stubborn stains.

Pressure Washing: Salt, stains and other unwanted materials often collect around hard surfaces like concrete. For as many marks and discolourations that are left on structure walls, there is even more spread across your sidewalks, driveways and patios. Power washing can strip stains away by digging deep into textures to remove surface marks and the root cause of discolouration.

A proper cleaning is necessary to clean away salt stains but there is no end to how many types of discolouration a good house washing can remove. Algae, moss, mold and even graffiti can be stripped away, leaving your home looking better than ever.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Instead of waiting until your space is covered in stains and discolourations, our Gorillas work on both scheduled maintenance routines and on a call-out basis. Stained walls and unsightly stains are the first impression that your property gives to the outside world. Each member of the Gorilla team is local to your area, so we are committed to getting the best results possible.