It is easy to overlook windows. At a glance, they aren’t much more than basic fixtures, providing a bit of sunlight and views. The truth is, windows do more than just that. When in good condition, glass helps to keep costs down, prevents damage and extends the lifespan of construction materials. The first step to property damage is not sweating the small stuff. Even a splotch or stain can mean a bigger issue down the line, so let a Gorilla help put things in perspective.

The Importance of Window Care

Every day, your glass is getting closer to an eventual crack or break. Glass is a porous substance, meaning foreign items have an opportunity to dig down into pores. After a while, this weakens materials. Most windows can take the odd tap or bump but when their structure starts to wear down, even a change in temperature can mean cracks and damage. When this happens, you are dealing with costly repairs, higher bills and even pest infestations.

So, how can a Gorilla make a difference? The key to keeping your windows not only clear, but solid is routine. It can be tough to juggle schedules and that is why our experts work with clients to make life easier. When it comes to window cleaning, the process is almost as important as the results. There is a right way and a wrong way to get your glass sparkling. The wrong way provides superficial results while the right way treats glass and surrounding areas. Wiping windows but ignoring sills and frames still leaves an opened pathway for damage. Rotted wood and peeling frames mean drafts or escaped air, driving up bills and dragging down curb appeal. Trust a Gorilla to keep you in good standing! Our experts have spent years in the industry, learning the ins and outs of every sort of window.

Gorilla Care

Routine maintenance is important but more important, is what that maintenance covers. Wiping down windows can create static cling, dragging dirt back nearly as soon as you clean it off. The right tools mean lasting results, but not everyone has tucker pools or rubber squeegees on hand. Instead of pushing build up into a corner, our Gorillas clean out every crack, crevice and angle. Windows up to four storeys no longer have to be neglected, but can get the attention that they deserve.