Recently one of our Gorilla’s team received an outstanding award for Small Business in Timmins organized by the Timmins Chamber of CommerceThe Nova Awards are the largest business awards in Northern Ontario across the 15 award categories ranging from “Innovation” to “Marketing” to “Best New Business.” On June 17, The Timmins Chamber of Commerce celebrated the best in business, where 16 businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations were recognized. Our Gorilla Property Services Team received Service Excellence Award, sponsored by Northern College.

Congratulation to Norm and his team! We are very proud of you!

Read more about The 2021 Nova business award on Timmins Today, CTV News, and Northern Ontario Business.

Find out more about Norm’s journey into business ownership below!

Norm, when did you join Gorilla Team? 

I bought my Franchise in January 2018

What made you want to own a Gorilla business?

I knew I wanted out of the education system for quite some time and had looked at several different types of businesses such as restaurants, senior health care, and others. One night, my wife Chantal was searching the Internet and then suddenly said, I found it.  I replied found what?  She said the business.

After looking at the Website and doing a little market research in my area, I was very intrigued.  We continued looking into it and seeing what the potential could be and decided to take the next step.  So we requested some additional information, talked to Mike and Mark and the rest is history.

What are the benefits of joining a franchise system?

The branding is the very first thing that caught my eye.  Also, the set systems, list of products and suppliers, the wealth of information available from all franchisees, national branding, etc…  The list goes on and on.

Tell us about your territory, what do you find unique about it?

My territory is vast in terms of the area since there are several small towns around Timmins.  The distances are fairly far and therefore I have decided to limit myself to Timmins for the time being.  What is also unique is the long winters here.  Winter usually runs from mid/end of November to mid/end of April with cold temperatures and lots of snow.  What I love about my area is that there is a strong sense of locals supporting locals and therefore business has been great.

Do you have any unique/funny “on the job” stories to share?

Don’t really have a unique or funny story but I have to say that we all have fun every single day when at work.  My staff is amazing.  I am very happy to have them.  Great bunch of people.  Makes operating the business that much easier and pleasant.

Thank you, Norm, for sharing your story with us!

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