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For Canadian property owners, snow clearing is a part of everyday life, but that doesn’t make it a pleasant experience. From muscle pulls to slips and falls, winter control and maintenance can be a pain. Whether you are hoping to manage snow and ice along walkways or are managing a larger space, professional services make life easier!

Calling a Gorilla for your Fort Erie snow removal and salting means prompt service, excellent results and access to scheduled clearing and emergency services. From residential to commercial spaces, our specialists can handle everything from single homes to commercial properties and multi-unit spaces.

Managing Winter Weather

From St. Catharines to Fort Erie and the Falls, the Niagara region is no stranger to complicated winter climates. From residential roads buried in snow to ice lining the sidewalk in front of homes or businesses, there is always a complicated chore right around the corner. Even a single day of neglect can lead to a nasty slip, fall or fine.

High-stepping through snow accumulation is a reality for Canadian residents. It might be an unpleasant surprise in the morning or it could be the result of days (or weeks) of buildup. Impassable walkways are not only an eyesore and inconvenience, they are a genuine danger.

In order to keep residents, guests and customers safe, cities are quick to enforce by-laws, handing out fines to encourage property owners to keep things clean, but this is easier said than done! Keeping up with snow and ice can feel like a full time job, but hiring professional snow removal services can help to cut the stress and create an inviting space.

The Importance of Professional Snow Clearing and Salting

Whether you are shovelling snow or de-icing spaces, there is a right way and wrong way to get the job done. Scraping new snow fall but leaving layers underneath does not meet proper maintenance needs, and neither does throwing down a handful of salt. When you want a safe and controlled environment, a Gorilla can answer the call.

Our team of property maintenance experts offer snow removal down to the bare pavement, as well as creating customized treatment plans to address vulnerable areas and ice formation. Steep slopes and extreme angles are prime areas for snow melt and moisture to collect, create ice rinks around homes. Let our experts help to melt that ice and keep you safe.

The experts at Gorilla Property Services understand the pitfalls of your area and can treat spaces accordingly. Instead of being another number on a call sheet, Gorillas treat every client like a friend and neighbour – because they are! Our crews are committed to getting the best results throughout our communities.

During Summer months, property owners are quick to call in lawn care services, but it is easy to put off cold-weather tasks. Instead of struggling to keep up, our Gorillas offer scheduled care and routine maintenance, as well as emergency call-out services.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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