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The raging waters at Niagara Falls are a huge draw for tourists around the world, but for property owners in this damp region, humidity and moisture play a big role in daily life. Naturally diverse greenery and a damp environment mean increased roof clutter and a higher threat of invasive growth around roofing.

For many property owners, regular roof cleaning is a complicated process. From navigating heights, slippery slopes, schedules and physical ability, this important task often falls to the wayside – but it doesn’t have to! Hiring a professional property maintenance and cleaning company, like Gorilla, means great service and long-lasting results for your Fort Erie roof cleaning and moss removal.

Roof Cleaning: Preventative Maintenance for Your Home or Business

A Spring growing season or changing leaves in Fall might look great but these seasons can leave a lasting mark on properties. Dry, brittle castoff can fall from trees and nearby plants, littering lawns but also collecting on roofing. Once settled on your shingles, this clutter not only looks awful but hold onto moisture, leading to invasive growth.

With a bit of dampness, and a bit of cover or shade, it does not take long for moss to begin to form on roofing. This unwanted growth begins to weave around and under vulnerable areas, like shingles, reaching the sensitive wood decking underneath. From here, owners can expect rot, mould, water damage, flooding and even pest infestations.

Any number of these worst-case scenarios can mean costly roof repairs and premature replacements. When kept in good condition, a roof can last for more than a decade but without regular care, this time frame is significantly cut down. By opting for roof and gutter cleaning at least once a year, it is possible to protect structures and get the full lifespan out of a space.

Choosing Professional Roof Cleaning Services

As any experienced roofing company will tell you, maintenance is key to a sound structure. Proper cleaning services can not only boost curb appeal but can also prolong your materials and your budget. Plenty of owners or managers are quick to try DIY cleaning methods for exterior care but with competitive pricing, our Gorillas handle the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Attempting to use pressure washers or wire brushes to remove moss can mean unnecessary damage. Instead of taking a chance with power tools, our experts bring along with right tools for the job. Each Gorilla service begins with a thorough inspection of structures based on condition, age and materials. From here, a customized treatment plan gets the best results for your home, commercial space or multi-unit property.

The Gorilla roster of services include window cleaning, soft washing, graffiti removal and many other treatments designed to keep your property looking its best. It only takes one call for a free estimate, and a customer satisfaction guarantee.

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