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March 26, 2020

Fort Erie Graffiti Removal

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  • Identify the tag (examine the substrate)
  • Flag off the area
  • Remove graffiti with eco-friendly solutions
  • Pressure wash the area clean
  • Before and after photos – no damage to property, restore it to new

In the best case scenario, graffiti can be seen as beautiful art but at its worst, it is an offensive eye-sore. For those property owners who get stuck with unwanted paint, graffiti can have a negative impact on business, curb appeal and just the overall first impression of your home or workplace.

Common street vandalism can be large enough to cover an entire wall or can be a small tag, but in either case, these designs are often ugly and offensive. Don’t learn to live with paint or struggle with chemicals when you can call an expert instead. Professional Fort Erie graffiti removal helps to ditch paint stains of any size.

What Makes Great Graffiti Removal Services?

Homes and commercial spaces throughout the Niagara Region are no strangers to graffiti. With a new design going up nearly every day, there is always something to contend with. Getting rid of one of these can improve the look of your space but the sad reality is that spray paint is often a repeat offence.

Street artists are competitive and that means the same areas are often hit more than once, by more than one individual. With each tag that is left sitting, there will be more designs layered on top of it, making discolourations harder and harder to remove. The wrong approach can mean paint bleeding or shadows left behind.

With so many moving parts on the go, the only way to get the right results for your removal services are through quick action, practiced technique and the right tools for the job. After years in the industry, Gorilla crews have all the right moves to strip away stains completely without damaging the surrounding area.

Long-Term Results

Our Gorillas don’t believe in wasting time with subpar results. Environmentally friendly cleansers and disinfectants loosen surface dirt and stains, making way for the real work to begin. Instead of risking unnecessary damage, soft bristle brushes are used to scrub these loosened materials away, exposing any shadows or residual stains left behind.

More than just stripping stains and walking away, our specialists apply anti-graffiti coatings to surfaces. These coatings might not prevent spray paint from occurring but it does make removal that much easier when it does happen. Graffiti spray paint removal can be built into a regular property maintenance schedule or it can be on a call-out basis.

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