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  • Specialty cleaning for vinyl siding & sensitive surfaces
  • Can reach up to 5 stories from the ground
  • Non-abrasive
  • Machine fed Eco-foam
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The Fraser Valley is known for its natural charm and beauty but as great as greenery can be, it leaves a mark on your home’s exterior surfaces. Everything from heavy rains to salt stains, dirt and invasive growth leaves discolouration behind. More than ruining curb appeal, leaving these marks to sit can lead to structural damage.

With so much at stake, more and more property owners are taking a proactive approach to their exterior cleaning. By calling a Gorilla for your Chilliwack soft washing services, construction materials are left looking better than ever without any unnecessary wear, tear or damage to your property.

Exterior Cleaning Solutions: Knowing Your Options

When outdoor spaces begin to look grimy, many owners or property managers are quick to reach for pressure washers. Power washing might seem like a magical cure-all for stains but it can also mean damage. When aimed at vulnerable materials, high pressure sprays can break vinyl siding, leave bald spots in stucco or crack wood siding.

The soft wash process, however, uses lower flow sprays to treat these sensitive materials. Professional softwash systems combine eco-friendly cleansers and disinfectants to dig deep into any textures, cracks and crevices to dig out dirt and debris from even the toughest to reach areas.

Unlike other, more heavy handed house washing techniques, the soft washing method is able to leave structures looking cleaner for up to seven times longer than traditional methods. Instead of relying on machines and sprays alone, our team of experts take our exterior cleaning services to a whole new level!

The Gorilla Approach to Outdoor Cleaning Services

Getting in touch with a property maintenance company in your area is easy enough but when you want a great job, it is important to choose the right company for you. After years in the industry, our Gorillas know all the tricks of the trade – and have the reputation to back it up!

Each and every cleaning service begins with a thorough inspection of your affected and surrounding areas. From here, if there are any weak spots, they are discussed with property owners. From here, environmentally friendly, foaming cleansers are applied to walls, before they are scrubbed in with soft bristle brushes.

British Columbia is famous for its damp climate and excessive moisture can mean real danger for properties. This is why our experts highly recommend at least once a year services to keep things running smoothly for homes and businesses in your community.

Property owners are quick to call a professional to tackle gutter cleaning or clean your roofing. Those tricky chores might get the most attention but don’t discount those every day needs of your structures. Our Gorillas know what your walls and patios are up against and they know just how to treat them. Call today for peace of mind and fully insured treatments.

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