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Chilliwack is known for its country charm and rural beauty as well as city scenes. Every property adds to this charm and that is what makes exterior cleaning so important. More than just curb appeal, the condition of your roof directly impacts the condition of your property as a whole – and that is what makes routine care so important.

As seasons change, organic debris falls from nearby plant life, landing on roofing and creating a whole host of problems. Everyday organics might not seem very menacing at first, but it can quickly lead to moss growth and deterioration. Don’t wait for the worst when you can call a Gorilla for your Chilliwack roof cleaning and moss removal, today.

Chilliwack Roof Cleaning Service: What to Expect

Properties throughout the Fraser Valley have to put up a lot throughout the year. Ugly weather might force people inside, but there is a lot of activity happening right above your head. As weather and seasonal changes shake out leaves, twigs, seed pods, pinecones, needles and all of these land on roof surfaces.

The gradual slope of your roof allows for some things to roll off but heavier items like branches, stay put. Not only do these items sit idle, they can even trap other items. After a while, going up onto your roof looks like a walk in the woods! More than just average clutter, this situation means a whole lot of invasive growth.

Excessive moisture creates prime environment for mold, moss, algae and can lead to rot. Trying to tackle these with improper cleaning solutions can pull at softened materials, creating the need for costly repairs. Pressure washing these areas or scraping away with a hard wire brush can cause a lot of unnecessary damage.

Handling Roof Moss & Clutter

The first step to any successful maintenance project is knowing what you are up against and choosing the cleaning methods to match. Gorilla experts assess the condition of your roof and its materials. The difference between treating concrete roofing, tiles or asphalt shingles can make all of the difference to the overall results.

Services begin by removing clutter from the surface of roofing. Don’t worry – all of these materials are bagged up and taken away safely. Once clutter and debris are removed, our Gorillas can get a full view of roof moss and how it has attached itself to your roof. By operating carefully, Gorillas are able to remove moss from building materials in order to avoid damage.

Making roof cleaning a part of your regular routine, it is possible to extend the life of your roof. When maintained properly, roofing can last for over a decade but without the right care, this is becomes much shorter. Keep your property looking its best for up to 5 times longer with the experienced Gorilla care.

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