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Creating a safe space for our clients is top priority for our team and that is why Gorilla Property Services will remain open for business as usual. During the Covid-19 pandemic, members of the Gorilla team are operating in accordance with government safety protocols to provide homes, commercial spaces and multi-unit properties with necessary care.

March 26, 2020

Chilliwack Graffiti Removal

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  • Identify the tag (examine the substrate)
  • Flag off the area
  • Remove graffiti with eco-friendly solutions
  • Pressure wash the area clean
  • Apply anti graffiti topcoat to prevent against future tagging
  • Before and after photos – no damage to property, restore it to new

Graffiti is a part of life. No matter the city and no matter the size, there is graffiti somewhere. It has become so commonplace that you might not even notice it on a daily basis but it is hard to ignore when it is splashed across your property. If you have found yourself the latest victim of graffiti vandalism, call our Gorillas. Our Chilliwack graffiti removal will answer your call and have that paint gone quickly and efficiently.

Graffiti: More Than An Eyesore

Having a tag or design sprayed across your property doesn’t exactly look nice. You spend a lot of time making sure that your property looks clean and inviting to the outside world, so why let someone else ruin it? Graffiti on your home can give off the wrong first impression but having it on your business can ruin a sales day. The exterior of your property says a lot about what is going on inside, so let us help you make sure it sends the right message.

Chilliwack Graffiti Removal: The Gorilla Way

Treating graffiti has never been easy but our Gorillas have found a way to make it more bearable! There is no magical spell for graffiti removal, it takes experience, knowledge and a whole lot of elbow grease. Improper removal techniques and tools can drive paint further into the surface layers of your property, leaving behind shadows and stains. After decades within the property maintenance industry, we have discovered a multi-step system that strips away paint completely without damaging your property.

By using eco-friendly cleaning solutions, our Gorillas are sure to not introduce any harmful chemicals into your atmosphere. The removal of harsh chemicals also aids in the protection of your property. This is hugely important when it comes to heritage homes that might have gang materials outside. Your home or business is a huge investment to have and Gorilla Property Services want to help you protect it.

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