Winnipeg Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

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Winnipeg has a very wet and humid climate. With snow for the majority of the year as well as rain throughout both spring and fall! All of that water can mean big trouble for your property but our Gorillas are here to help! Our Winnipeg roof cleaning and moss removal service is ready and willing to protect your property from the elements!

No matter the time of year, our Gorillas are ready and willing to perform your Winnipeg roof cleaning and moss removal. Having a cluttered roof affects your property in several ways. The most obvious consequence of having roof clutter is the negative aesthetic. Having a lot of debris on your roof can make your home or business look uncared for and cluttered. When heavy winds pick up, the clutter on your roof can blow into the gutters around your property, clogging them and making drains impassable.

In addition to looking messy and clogging drains, organic debris left in the surface of your roof retains moisture and holds it against surface material. This moisture can lead to growth and spread of moss across your roof. Moss and moisture can creep under shingles, damaging the materials underneath. Regular maintenance is a much better deal than a full roof replacement!

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Winnipeg Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal: Safety & Experience

Gorilla Property Services has been in the property maintenance industry for decades. Over time, our technicians have picked up all the best methods for getting the best clients the best results possible. Safety is a top priority for our Gorillas, using proper tie-offs and precautions in order to get our technicians on the roof and help them stay there.

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