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Creating a safe space for our clients is top priority for our team and that is why Gorilla Property Services will remain open for business as usual. During the Covid-19 pandemic, members of the Gorilla team are operating in accordance with government safety protocols to provide homes, commercial spaces and multi-unit properties with necessary care.

March 26, 2020

Surrey Pressure Washing

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  • Save the sewers – installing drain guards to catch all oil and sediment from entering the water
  • Apply the eco-foam to eliminate dirt, grime and buildup
  • Pressure wash the areas clean
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Throughout the year, your home or business has to put up with a lot! As seasons change, the exterior of your property withstands rain, hail, wind, dirt and debris. Looking worn is the sign of a well-loved location but when your property needs to be spruced up, our Gorillas are here to save the day. The walls and walkways around your property are constantly collecting new layers of dirt, algae and other stains. Our Surrey pressure washing gets your property looking as good as new in no time at all.

Pressure Washing: Where, When, Why?

There is never a bad time to spruce up the exterior of your home or commercial space, but there are some things to consider when creating a maintenance plan for your property.

Why: Professional power washing services not only leave properties looking great, but it can extend the lifespan of construction materials. Algae and moss might lend a rustic feel to outdoor spaces, but they can weaken and damage even the most solid materials, like concrete. Power washing blasts these unwanted growths away, preserving the condition of driveways, walkways, retaining walls, decks and patios.

Where: Pressure washing can benefit the solid spaces around the exterior of your property but can cause damage in the wrong hands. Delicate materials like stucco can be blown apart under highly pressurized sprays. Instead of attempting to handle staining or growth without the proper experience, let a professional treat the right areas in the proper way.

When: It is easy for staining to get out of hand. Every season presents its own unique setbacks and obstacles for property owners. Waiting years between pressure washings allows dirt to layer over itself and stains to bake into the facade of your property. The only way to prevent large-scale problems is to be diligent. Everything from salt stains, bird droppings, mildew, bacteria and mold can add up, so keeping up a routine is key. A semi-annual service can keep up both appearances and the condition of your property.

Gorilla Technicians: You Are In Good Paws

At Gorilla Property Services, we have full faith in each and every one of our technicians. “Why?”, you might ask? Because every Gorilla goes through a rigorous training process before ever setting foot into the field. This training covers not only how to get the job done right, but how to take care of the property while we work. Our services are carried out with eco-friendly materials but just because we don’t use harsh chemicals does not mean we want cleansers sprayed everywhere. That is why the staff at Gorilla are careful not to have an overspray onto surrounding areas or properties. In addition, we used FLOGUARD drain guards to protect against any possible contamination or pollutants to the water on your property.

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